Our goal is to provide the best in design wigs specific to the individual - whether color or style.  Each person is unique and desires to feel good about their look.  We take a very sensitive approach to what looks best, placing special orders and offering a private setting for fittings.  Our clients are treated with the utmost care and respect during their consultation. 


If you have a chronic medical condition that has resulted in the loss of your hair you receive 15% off for life on wigs and product.

Stay current, updated and trendy in your fashion.  Our clients just want to be free to have fun and enjoy life without thinking about their hair.

We are a member of the not-for-profit charitable organization - Strands of Strength.


The wigs offered by Strands of Strength disguise hair loss, decrease feelings of vulnerability and provide greater self-esteem, hopefully resulting in the personal strength needed to successfully battle the disease and help cover the signs of cancer treatment.